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Dear Friends,


Behind the Beauty

Over the past two decades, I’ve traveled the world learning the latest and most effective skin care, microblading, and permanent make up techniques and procedures from some of the most renowned experts in the beauty industry. Among the most important things I’ve learned during that time is that the best results don't come from a one-size-fits-all solution. 


It’s All About You!

As a highly-knowledgeable and experienced Master Esthetician offering skin care, permanent make up, and microblading services in Palm Beach and Jupiter, my best work comes from meeting with you to discuss your skin condition, and address your unique needs and preferences. At the same time, I pay specialized attention to your specific areas of concern, including signs of aging, wrinkling, spotting, discoloration, and damage due to surgery, sun exposure, lifestyle, chemotherapy, etc.


Uniquely You!

Next, we’ll create a customized microblading, skin care and/or permanent make up solution utilizing the latest, most effective, and longest-lasting European products, technologies, methods, and practices to help you achieve your unique skin care goals…along with a simple, easy-to-follow, ongoing maintenance plan to help ensure that your great results stay that way!  


Great Brows Right Now!

So, don’t waste another moment searching for the finest microblading, permanent make up, and skin care services in Jupiter and Palm Beach. We cordially invite you to review our website, products, and services, and contact us today to book your appointment now.  

Put Your Best Face Forward!

We thank you for visiting the Palm Beach Microblading Studio of Jupiter, FL, and look forward to helping you 'face' every day with a smile!


Warmest regards,

Jacqueline Van Montague


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