Microblading with Shading

Everything You Need To Know


This technique blends both hair strokes and shading into one blended outcome. First microblading is done, then another tool is used to provide a soft diluted version of color to fill the space between strokes. This makes the brow look fuller and slightly more pigmented than can be achieved with just microblading alone.

  • Looks like hair strokes but with a lot more coverage

  • Lasts longer than just microblading

  • Still some microblading, however less is needed than with microblading alone therefore less touchups needed, thus less trauma to the skin

  • Best option for those with little to no hair, or large holes in their natural brows

  • Better option for people with oily skin


When getting your eyebrows microbladed, expect to be with the artist for around 2-3 hours during your first session. To start the process, you will decide on your desired shape and color which will be positioned by the artist using specific measuring techniques, to make sure everything's perfectly in place.

Our artist will spend time with you deciding what shade works best with your hair color, skin tone, and desired results. We specialize in blondes and red heads and customize the shade for each and every client.


Working with our clients, we draw on your skin using a fine brush, allowing us to shows how your brows will look. Once you approve the look, we'll proceed with the application of the semi-permanent makeup to your skin.

Excess hairs are threaded and plucked before numbing cream is applied. Due to the numbing cream, the microblading process is painless, but can be an uncomfortable sensation. After 4-6 weeks of your first session, you will be expected to return for a follow up. This session will take 1 hour where any minor necessary touch ups will be completed.

Microblading with Shading