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The Healing Process of Brows

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

As you can see the color right after the procedure is much darker than the final results after healing. As artists we have to account for the initial fading that occurs.

Often after the procedure you have redness as your skin can be irritated by the tattooing and the skin is healing.

Day 1 - You will either love them or be a little freaked out by the change and feel they are too dark. (Don’t worry they are going to fade!)

Day 2-5 - They get even darker, so unless you have dark hair, you may freak out .They are dark because micro-scabs are forming over each wound to protect the area while it heals. We give our clients our after care kit that contains our little secret weapon against scabbing!

Day 5-10 - If you do scab please resist the temptation to pick at them and continue with your after care.

Day 10-15 - They may seem too light now. You may feel like you wasted your money, but stay patient the color will come back!

Day 15-30 - The color begins to reappear again and you love your perfect brows!

By 4-8 weeks they are fully healed and we can assess if you need anything touched up.

At Palm Beach Microblading Studio our aim to to give you perfect brows that you love, and in order to do so we love to educate our clients to give you the best results possible!

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