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Why is a Touch Up Appointment Necessary?

Permanent makeup is a 2 step procedure, and here are a few reasons why it is so important to come to your touch up appointment.

I tend to work conservatively to give you the most natural looking results possible. I would much rather you come back and they be too light, than they are too dark.

Skin is rather unpredictable. Sometimes it heals perfectly and no touch up is needed, sometimes it bleeds and this can push the pigment out. This is why I offer a complimentary session to touch up any areas that pigment has not taken. After-care is very important however so please follow the directions given in your after care kit.

I prefer to build the color slowly to prevent it from looking grey or blue in the future. This means after the first session I can analyze the healed result and know if I need to add coolness or warmth to give you the perfect brows!

If you'd like to discuss how to get your perfect brows, send me an a photo of your brows to 561-545-0359 and I will happily jump on a call.

I look forward to giving you perfect brows!

At Palm Beach Microblading Studio our aim to to give you perfect brows that you love, and in order to do so we love to educate our clients to give you the best results possible!

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