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Why is it Crucial to Avoid Blood Thinners for 1 Week Prior to your Appointment?

At Palm Beach Microblading Studio our aim to to give you perfect brows that you love, and in order to do so we love to educate our clients to give you the best results possible!

Excessive bleeding sometimes occurs during the procedure, and as a result it will:

  • Dilute the pigment resulting in poor healed results.

  • Reduce visibility and make it difficult for your artist to see the outline and brow shape.

  • Push the pigment out making it harder to properly deposit pigment into the dermis.

Here are some common yet often unknown blood thinners you should avoid pre-procedure:

  • Alcohol (including Kombucha)

  • Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin

  • Specific RX Meds (eg. Naproxen, and many others)

  • Fish Oils / Omega 3's

  • Spicy Foods (Pepper, Turmeric, etc.)

  • Ginger & Garlic

  • Biotin / Hair, Skin, Nail Supplements

  • Vitamin E (& other Vitamins in high doses)

  • Weight loss Shakes & Smoothies

  • Coffee

By avoiding these before the procedure you will have much better results!

We can’t wait to give you perfect brows!

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